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Typical Clinical Statistics

Typical Clinic Statistics (Averaged from several trips):
Medical Mission Clinic in Guatemala
Total Number of Patients Seen: Approximately 2500

Average patients/day: 500

Average of 30-50 pts/day per medical clinic provider.

Common Diagnosis: Diagnosis in order of frequency in all patients seen: 1. Parasites - 20% 2. GI complaints including GERD, Gastritis, Ulcer - 15-20% 3. DJD, joint pain, arthritis, fibrositis - 15-20% 4. Skin rashes, fungal, scabies, and unknown - 5-10% 5. Malnutrition as a major listed diagnosis - 10-15% 6. URI, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis - 5-10%

Other diagnoses include: Headache, dehydration, depression, anxiety, insomnia, "nerves", UTI, dysmenorrhea, otitis (all types), bronchitis, pneumonitis, possible pneumonia, allergy, vaginosis, vaginitis, cervicitis, wound infections, cellulitis, burns, animal bites, pregnancy, venous insufficiency, low back pain, muscle strain, anemia, menopause syndrome, PID, asthma, HTN, heart murmurs, hernias, diabetes, CVA, prostatitis, BPH, seizure, fishbone in throat, Bellís palsy, conjunctivitis, infected pig bite, micropenis, ear tumor, developmental delay, malformed skull, birth defects, cerebral palsy, clubbed foot, spontaneous abortion, Skin cancers, metastatic cancer, foreign body in the eye, dementia, pelvic mass, possible cervical cancer, possible lung cancer, jaundice, tremor, breast mass, rectal prolapse, mastitis, amenorrhea, history ovarian cancer, history breast cancer, psychosis, schizophrenia, plantar wart, herpes zoster, herpes simplex, possible liver cysts, ascites, abrasions, varocele, possible hydrocephelus, possible TB, head trauma.

Summary of typical patient demographics: Distribution: 25% adult males, 50% adult females, 10% children,

Patientís history of previous medical visits: Adult men: medical visit in < 1 year = 40% never = 20% Adult women: medical visit in < 1 year = 50-60% never = 15% Children: medical visit in < 1 year = 50-60% never = 20%

Where do patients hear about our clinic? Most patients heard of the clinic in their church, and some from friends, other sources were much less common.

Travel to the clinic: Alone = 40 - 45%, With family = 50%  More adult men travel alone as compared to adult women (60% vs 40-50%)  Many children travel alone (15--20% )  By far, most patients travel to the clinic by foot (70-75%), while 15-20% travel by motor vehicle (usually truck) and 5-10% by bus. A few also travel by horse or bike but this is uncommon. Distance traveled: 30-35% of patients traveled< 1 mile 40% travel 1-5 miles 20% travel 5-10 miles 5% travel 10-25 miles 2% travel >25 miles Most patients said it took 1-2 hours to travel to the clinic (most commonly by foot).

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