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 Katie Perkett from Queensbury  is 8 years old, was born in Guatemala and has been looking for a way to connect with her birth country.  Dr. Braico made some suggestions for things that were needed for the Mission Trip and Katie immediately connected with “toothbrushes”!  She is in third grade at Lake George Elementary School and during a writing unit on persuasion wrote a persuasive essay to her principal asking if the school could help her collect toothbrushes for Guatemala.  The entire 3rd grade participated and 200 toothbrushes were collected.  She also asked her orthodontist Dr. Eigo for some help.  Her parents, grandmother and Aunt also took up her cause.  With all this help Katie exceeded her goal of 1000 toothbrushes and collected 1491 – the hardest part was counting them and taking them out of the packages!  Katie can’t wait until she is old enough to go on a Mission trip!


***We are in urgent need of funds to help us acquire and send our medical supplies for the next trip*****

Especially needed right now:

  • Stethoscopes

  • Blood pressure cuffs

  • Glucometers with strips

  • Children's Vitamins

  • Toothbrushes

  • Consider sponsoring a volunteer


If you would like more information about any of our projects or if you can donate time or funds to help us organize our trips please contact us:

By email:

By mail:
Glens Falls Medical Mission Foundation
PO Box 627
Glens Falls, NY 12801-0627

Our mission is to provide not only medical care, but long lasting changes to this community, and to empower the local people to help themselves. We welcome donations, volunteers, and community involvement of all kinds to further our goals. There may not be another community like ours that has provided such a grass roots effort to help another town which is in such need. All of us who are involved in the mission, which receives no church or organization funding of any kind, are proud of the community support that has enabled us to further our work. Please feel free to contact us through our web site at if you would like to help.

Our greatest needs now are:

  • Financial Donations: Money is always welcome and checks can be made out to GFMMF, and mailed to our address at PO Box 627, Glens Falls, NY 12801.
  • Infant, Children’s, and Prenatal Vitamins: We cannot get these donated or at reduced price through our drug resources. They are desperately needed in Guatemala. We welcome sealed bottles of these vitamins. We cannot take outdated vitamins (or any outdated products.)
  • OTHER NEEDS: Frequent flyer miles. If you would like other ideas and a current list of most needed items, please E-mail us at .



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