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The 2011 FUNDRAISER FIESTA was held at the Glens Falls Civic Center in March

Our mission supporters come together each year to help fund the mission and in the process provide a fun day for all ages and family members. As usual the community helped us make the day a great success. THANK YOU!


Glenda's News

 Almost all of you who have served with us in Guatemala know Glenda Reina, our local Program Manager in Guatemala and a very dedicated and helpful woman. Glenda started working with us when she was just 19 years old and eventually was hired to do our follow up, set up and other work for us between and during missions. We all remember Glenda at the front gate helping to organize patients.

Below are a few excerpts from Glenda’s resignation………she has taken a full time job in Guatemala City which will certainly help her move on financially and become more independent. We all wish her the best.

“I don't know if everybody is aware of this but I've been part of this project since it started.  And I fell in love with it.  I have loved this opportunity since I was a volunteer and I loved it more when I had the chance to get even more involved with every aspect of it. So it has been around 14 years working in this wonderful project.  Maybe this won't matter but I love this project so much that I have put my personal life aside because of it; one clear example is that I put my university career on hold because it didn't allow me to be with you during the clinics, but you have to know that I have no regrets at all………. 

Believe me when I say that I treasure all these years, all the kindness and friendship I have received from so many people.  I treasure all the friends I have made during these years and all the experiences lived through this opportunity……………………

Thank you again for everything and I wish you good luck with the project.  It has been my pleasure to have been a part of it these past 14 years and I thank you for enriching my life during that time.




Thanks to Charlie's BBQ, Route 149 for a fun time August 8th, 2009 at the First Annual BBQ Fundraiser. Great attendance, SUPER food, and music.

Because of fundraisers such as this, we are able to provide medical care to those so in need in the Nueva Santa Rosa area of Guatemala.


The First Annual Utilitarian and Fine Art Auction was held at The Lapham Gallery,
LARAC Building on Sat. May 23rd.

Pieces were donated by artists in the community, Ridge Street Coffeehouse donated some refreshments, Davidson Brothers had wine and beer available and
The Lake George Saxophone Quartet played.
Martin Seelye auctioneered and his family volunteered to run the auction.


GLENS FALLS, N.Y. -- "Once you go and see the people and get their hugs and their blessings for what you've done, it's so rewarding that you get as much out of it as the people we help," said Nancy Sutherland.

Glens Falls Medical Mission Foundation President Nancy Sutherland says she was hooked after her first trip to Guatemala. It's a common feeling among the people who go and that's why they have no trouble trying to raise money year after year for the thousands of people they care for every six months in Neuva Santa Rosa.

Volunteer Janine Cantalupo said, "This money is going towards medicine. It costs $30,000 to provide medicine to these people in Guatemala."

The Foundation's annual Fiesta is held each year at the Glens Falls Civic Center. Volunteers say it's a fun day but the work is serious.

Volunteers raising money for needy in Guatemala

The Glens Falls Medical Mission Foundation makes two trips a year to one of the poorest regions of Guatemala to provide medical care for people who otherwise wouldn't have it. In order to care for the thousands of people they see on each mission, they need to raise thousands of dollars for supplies and medications. Our Jessica Mokhiber was at their annual fiesta and has more on the work that the volunteers do each year.

"The thing that makes this fun is that kids are here and they're spending their mom and dad's money but they're learning about those less fortunate," volunteer Daureen Shoemaker said.

Cantalupo added, "We do this because we want to help people. We realize on a daily basis how lucky we are and we want to give back."

Not only is the money going towards a good cause, but the people who go on these missions year after year say they can see an improvement in the quality of life for the people there.

"We are more of a bridge from extreme poverty to self-sufficiency. I don't feel we're spinning our wheels and just handing stuff out. People are always coming in and helping us," said volunteer Dan Imrie.

"Janine and I are both in pediatrics and we can both see a difference in the kids," Shoemaker added.

Sutherland said, "What you give out to the world, you get back."

For these dedicated volunteers, they'll continue to give back for as long as they can.

For more information, visit

Guatemalan Mission Fundraiser.

Medical Mission Fiesta

Glens Falls Medical Mission Fundraiser.


A Gathering of Friends of the Glens Falls Medical Mission was held at the Queensbury Hotel in Glens Falls on June 30, 2006. Approximately 100 people were in attendance. There were hors d'oeuvres, dinner and Salsa dancing lessons. The evening was a chance to see familiar faces, remember past missions and socialize with the mission family. Nancy West, organizer and Joann Miller, Silent Auction coordinator, did a wonderful job along with several other Friends members.

From the pictures you can see that it was a great time!

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