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Memorial Tribute to Consuelo Morales De Chuy

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The following is a collection of tribute letters from members of our mission teams about our dear friend Connie who we recently lost to illness this past winter.

A Tribute To Connie – Our Dear Friend!

When we traveled to the village of Nueva Santa Rosa for the first time to meet with town leaders to discuss setting up a recurrent medical mission there was some understandable reservation. Foreign aid had never come to this area of Guatemala before, and there was a natural wariness among the locals of foreign intruders.

Despite this, Connie welcomed us in her quiet, kind way from the start. She seemed to know everyone and had a remarkable ability to find just about anything or anyone who could be helpful to us. Her acceptance and trust of our mission group from our very first trip on helped tremendously and brought many others in from the community to help us. We all learned quickly to look forward to seeing her greet us on the first day and tearfully said goodbye to her on the last. To my sons and I, Connie represented all of the best of the people of Guatemala – strong, quiet, patient, resourceful, kind, compassionate and incredibly hard working. We considered her a dear friend and will miss her very much.

Connie had an amazing ability to find almost anything and motivated everyone around her. One special memory I have is how she helped find homes for the night for a family from an outlying village. The family had brought their tiny, ill baby to the clinic and the baby needed special feedings every 2 hours. Connie helped with the feedings herself and also helped find families in Nueva Santa Rosa who took the family in and helped care for the baby for the rest of the clinic week. In addition, she helped organize visits to the baby’s village to take supplies to the family after we had left. When we returned 6 months later the baby was doing great!

My favorite memory of Connie is her greeting us and waving goodbye to us as our bus pulled out on the last day of each trip (see above photo). Thank you so very much, Connie, for all you did to make us feel welcome and for your kindness, patience and friendship to all of our well meaning mission teams!

Pat, Lance and Tim Hale


Me siento muy afortunado de haber tenido la oportunidad de conocerla. Usted ha sido, y lo seguira siendo, una inspiracion para todos aquellos de nosotros que tuvimos la suerte de compartir parte de nuestro tiempo con su constante e inigualable dedicacion a todas aquellas personas necesitadas en la zona de Nueva Santa Rosa. Voluntarios como usted, son en realidad, los que merecen todo el credito ya que su ayuda y dedicacion no acaban despues de unos dias sino que existen durante todo el año. Recordare con mucho agrado todos aquellos momentos y conversaciones que compartimos durante los ajetreados dias de la clinica.

Me siento muy afortunado de haber tenido la oportunidad de conocerla.


In Connie's Memory

Joyce and I had only one opportunity to work at a mission with Connie, but what an impression she made on us! We will always remember her as a gentle, kind and welcoming member of our group. At a recent "fund raiser" we worked at a booth where people stopped to watch a video describing activities of the work we do in Guatemala. At the booth we displayed a picture of Connie as a memorial to her. We were amazed by the number of former "team members" who stopped just to share their sorrow at learning of her death. Connie's infectious smile and her dedication to our mission were comments made by all who worked with her. We are saddened that we will not be able to continue working with Connie. Her legacy will be the Mission's continuing work with the people she loved so very much.

Whit and Joyce Butterfield

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