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Click here to read Lance's Journal.
Click to Read Lance's Journal

What is it like to join one of our medical mission trips? Kathy Braico MD may have said it best when she listed the following joys of mission trips:

"There is a lot to choose from. One joy is that of being able to help without having strings attached. For me that means that I don't have to call an insurance company to ask if I can practice medicine the way I do best...

It is a joy to see a child that was nearly dead from malnutrition or an infection last mission return and be healthy.

It is a joy to see the expression on the face of a child who receives crayons or a school kit get a hug from a child that you have never met before, who wants to hug you just because they know you are there to help. hear the cry of a 2 year old who just got a HIB vaccine, because now I know he will not die of meningitis. receive a blessing from an old lady who brings her grandchild to you.

... to know that maybe because we come to them over and over again, the people of at least this little corner of the world will know that Americans are not just rich, thoughtless people who do not care about others, but that they are people whom they would want to be friends with. work so hard that you fall into bed exhausted but ready to do the same thing the next day. work with a team of people who are all dedicated to the same result, to see that people whom you never met before can become a colleague in a matter of hours. really make lasting friends with people of another culture, some of whom I cannot even talk to, at least not in words. see that the people of our area are willing to gather supplies and help people of a town they will never see, just because they know the need is there.

I could actually go on for pages, but I won't. It is not too much to say that the mission has changed my life!"

The following links will take you to logs and personal stories written by former members of our teams that have gone to Guatemala and worked on our clinic projects. These personal reports describe the experience our team members working in our clinics and also the unique and personal joys and successes each member has had through their relationships with the people of Guatemala.

If you have participated in one of our trips and would like us to post a story or link to your report or log that appears elsewhere, please contact us in writing with a copy of the material for our board of directors to review. E-mail through the button at the left or mail to: Doris Grady, Glens Falls Medical Mission Foundation, C/O Royal Care, 100 Saratoga Village Blvd., Suite 47-48, Malta, NY 12020

Personal experiences of a physician and her son: Please follow this link to a site that contains the trip log of a 17 year old high school student who has participated in two of our trips. This young man describes his experience working in our medical clinic and assisting with surgery. In addition, the site also includes links to articles written by his mother, who also went on both trips and describes her rewarding experiences interacting with the people of Guatemala and the joy and frustrations of caring for a tiny, very ill, Guatemalan infant.

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